Thursday, 12 November 2015

Cows, cars and coal are pushing humans toward extinction

"Pushed by the burning of coal, oil and gas for energy, global CO2 levels are now 143 per cent higher than before the industrial revolution. Scientists say that's the main driver of global warming.
WMO said methane levels reached a new high of about 1,833 parts per billion in 2014."....Read the story on CTV News

"There are both natural and human sources of methane emissions. The main natural sources include wetlands, termites and the oceans. Natural sources create 36% of methane emissions. Important human sources come from landfills, livestock farming, as well as the production, transportation and use of fossil fuels. Human-related sources create the majority of methane emissions, accounting for 64% of the total."... says the website What's Your Impact

The solution:
. Drive less
. Take public transit more
. Cut back on our consumption of beef and pork (they fart methane and require forest destruction)
. Turn off our lights when not in use
. Send less of our 'stuff' to the landfill - eg. recycle

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