Friday, 23 October 2015

Maria Dumo, Angelina Borja and May Casimero are convicted elder abusers

“My brother and I discussed putting a camera in and our intention was to have confirmation that everybody was treating him well.”

Instead, just four days after installing the cameras, three caregivers were caught using excessive force on the bedridden Ulrich Wissner (92 years old) while changing his diaper and gown. The videos showed the women flicking water at Wissner, binding his wrists, slapping him and threatening to pour his own urine over his head.

But what is really disgusting is that these workers, Maria Dumo, Angelina Borja and May Casimero, plead guilty and only received a sentence of 60 days - TO BE SERVED ON WEEKENDS.

It is truly disgraceful that we treat our seniors with such disregard.

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