Sunday, 23 November 2014

Please email your support of Thalidomide victims

This is an outrage! Ingrid Peritz of the Globe and Mail writes...

"The thalidomide scandal caused a furor in Canada (and the rest of the world) in the early sixyies, shocking a nation that trusted in the safety of medications and the federal gatekeepers who were suppose to screen them. The story has been largely forgotten, but its victims have never escaped it."

The victims are asking Ottawa for the financial assistance they deserve.  If we can spend millions on bombs that kill and maim we can spend millions to help the victims of this disgrace.

Please send this message to the Prime Minister and Minister of Health...  "I want Canada to provide financial support to the victims of Thalidomide and their families."

Email Minister of Health Rona Ambrose

Email Prime Minister Stephen Harper




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