Sunday, 30 November 2014

Boomers are blogging like mad!

Interesting story in the Huffington Post. Evidently, we Boomers are into blogging.

I'm finally acting my age!!! 

Here is part of what Huff says are some of the reasons we blog...

"To educate: Walker Thornton says, "I began to see a need for serious conversation about sex, menopause and dating geared to boomer adults. I think our demographic is hungry for information that is written specifically for our needs, is age-appropriate, matter-of-fact and educational."

For self expression: Linda Wolfe eloquently explains, "Having something for me after all those years of putting myself at the bottom of the list, as many mothers do, and having a voice that could be heard beyond the confines of home or playground felt incredible."

To share: Being a novelist, one of my favorite blogs is Books is Wonderful. In Helene Bludman's words, "I started blogging as a prelude to writing a book. I came to enjoy expressing my thoughts and sharing them with others by way of my blog. Because I am a book lover, I decided to make book reviews part of my blog as well."

To empower: Many of us feel the same as Cathy Chester. "I want to leave this world knowing that I made a mark on someone else's heart."

For Community: In addition to niche blogs, there are sites like Boomeon. Says Founder and President William Murphy, "I launched Boomeon because I felt that we Baby Boomers needed and deserved a modern, up-to-date community that was exclusively by, for and about us. We as a generation have always been about innovation and change, and I'm proud that Boomeon has been keeping our generational identity alive."

Read the whole story on the Huffington Post

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