Thursday, 3 July 2014

Great News! I have a lawyer! (soon)

Toronto Star - Today - article by Rachel Mendelson

Wow! Talk about great timing. The province is expanding the Legal Aid system because the courts are getting bogged down by Pro Se (Latin for self-represented) who have no idea what we are doing and find the law, the court, and the ten thousand different forms impossible to understand.

Before today, individuals like myself who make more than $12,000 per year but not more than $18,000 were only eligible to ask questions of the 'Family Court Advice Lawyer'. In the past two months I have sought the advice of at least a dozen of 311 Jarvis's 'Advice Lawyers' and, with one exception, they were useless at best and at their worst - confused, vague, incorrect, or condescending.

Under the new plan, I am eligible for up to ten hours of 'personal' legal help and six hours of legal advice to help with the mediation process, all at no charge.

I take back (pretty well) all the bad things I have ever said about Kathleen Wynn's useless, anti-union, anti-people, anti-public education, anti-nurses, lying and stealing, provincial government.



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