Monday, 9 June 2014

Parents are responsible for the actions of their children - forever!

My heart goes out to Victor and Denise Bourque, parents of the man who killed three men (Mounties) last week. Next to one of my kids dying, I can think of no great horror than having one of my children harm someone but if they did, the 'buck stops with me'.

As parents we bear the ultimate responsibility for the actions for the children we brought into the world. Of course our kids are masters of their own actions. They make their own choices. Choose their own path. And should be held responsible for their actions but...

... the buck stops with us parents. So if necessary, I will struggle with my last dying breath to prevent one of my children from hurting anyone. And if the cops, the mental health officials, or the courts won't intervene then I will duct tape my child to a chair until I find a way to protect society from him or ensure that he never harms another living soul ever again.



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