Thursday, 29 May 2014

We humans are hardwired to fight

Globe and Mail newspaper-May 28, 2014

Fighting is in our nature as Homo Sapiens so I disagree with the author of this piece. Of course smart people fight not with guns and knives but with our brains and hearts but fight we must. Every minute, every hour, throughout our lives.

We fight survive as a species. We fight to protect our planet. We fight to protect our loved ones. We fight to keep food on the table. We fight to maintain our individuality, our sanity, our direction. We fight and fight and fight. Occasionally we fight with our friends, loved ones , and our neighbours. Some of us are more efficient at fighting than others but the fact is that all of us fight.

So does fighting shorten our lives? Not necessarily. Stress shortens our lives. Anger shortens our lives. But both stress and anger are controllable so what we, you and me, need to constantly strive to fight 'smarter'.

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