Monday, 12 May 2014

House of broken loves - part 5

Doing my research at The Bora Laskin Law Library - Toronto - 2:28

Interesting facts:

1. The legal system calls an unrepresented litigant (such as me), a 'Pro Se'. Which is Latin for "someone who is out of his friggin' mind, or simply out of money."

2. The Ontario Family Law Act Manual, which is the 'Bible' for family court, is NOT fun reading and costs a whopping $260 - just in case you wanted your very own copy for your bookcase.

3. A Pro Se is supposed to know as much as a lawyer about the law and legal process and is therefore  not afforded any preferential treatment by the Judge.

4. A judge may not supply the Pro Se with any legal 'advice' or otherwise assist the Pro Se.

5. You have the constitutional right to represent yourself in court - assuming that you have not been completed dissuaded by the above points 1-4.

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