Sunday, 13 April 2014

Darwin was correct!

"Fate succumbs many a species: one alone jeopardizes itself.".... W. H. Auden

According to Charlie (... Darwin that is) "If an individual continues to do really stupid things then eventually that individual and their bloodline will cease to exist due to their misadventure, disease, or malady" - I am paraphrasing of course.

Mr. Darwin's quote came to mind as I was watching my favourite 6 pm newscast of the continuing saga of the missing Malaysian Flight MH370 and the subject of ocean trash came up.

"What!" I said aloud.

Yep. It seems as if large areas of our ocean are covered with trash - plastic containers, chemical sludge, fishing nets, micro-pellets, cigarette filters and other miscellaneous debris. Some of this muck is floating on the surface but much of it lies just a few few below, making it impossible to see by satellite or the naked eye.

Where is this crap coming from? Well we need look no further than ourselves. That's right. The bottle of suntan lotion we left on the beach, the plastic wrap that blew out of our hand and landed in the river, that cigarette we flicked into the street, that left-over latex paint we poured down the drain.

"Think globally, act locally." 

I don't know who first said the above but they were right on! We have to stop messing up our planet and the place and time to stop is right here, right now!

We need to start putting every piece of trash or other pollutant, no matter how small or insignificant, in its proper place - where it be the garbage pail or recycling container or the hazardous waste yard.



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